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Get high quality coal for your commercial and residential needs today at George Chervy's Lawn Care & Coal Sales, Plymouth, PA. Our services get more convenient for you with our pick-up at 409 E Poplar St West Nanticoke, PA.

Experience and services to count on

With over 11 years of experience we have been providing coal ( rice, buck, pea, nut, and stove ) that best fit your needs. We always provide you with a reliable, efficient and quick delivery.

Our services for you

  • Premium Coal Delivered

  • Pick Up Available

  • Emergency Fuel Grants/LIHEAP Accepted

  • Low Ash Coal

  • High BTU

  • Hazelton Deep Mined

High quality coal at a call

Get in touch with us today to get the coal you need at an affordable price and to schedule your coal pick-up. One call and we will bring coal to your door. Whether you want it delivered or picked it up, you can count on our family owned and operated business for the highest quality coal at the fairest price.

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